A step forward in the realm of learning Jadeed Dastgir Ideal High School was established in 1970 and now it has completed 42 years of academic excellence. It is ranked amongst the top institutes of Punjab with spectacular Matriculation results. Now moving a step forward, the school is offering Ordinary Level (O’Level) through Cambridge International Exams(CIE) at people’s colony campus with all the requisites of the international education system to broaden the spectrum of the students.

Future planning is as important as anything, even when choosing between the two system, one should consider the future prospects.

University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) provide internationally renowned qualifications and assessments from past 50 years which have been created for an International audience and are recognized by universities, education providers and employers across the globe.

Cambridge International Exams have become renowned for developing meaningful learning, a step ahead the old and traditional rote learning through which the learners remain naive to the advancement of science as there is no conceptual learning of the subject taught.

Why memorizing the texts and not really focusing on concepts? Why attempting worn and shabby question in exam all the time? Why indulging in exam oriented studies merely and why not: Building knowledge and understanding. Learning problem solving skill and decision making. Developing Evaluation and Investigation skills.

Furthermore, doing O’level means the doors for top 100 universities of the world are obviously open for you! In short, we plan to open up a new horizon of education and career for the aspiring teens at O’level branch Peoples’ Colony. All of our O’level classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with multimedia projectors. Spacious library (1683sft) for Cambridge students. 3 fully equipped science labs. Prayer room. Swimming pool with water filtration plant.