The management of JDIHS pledges to provide education that rewards the spirit of enquiry, satiates the quest for knowledge, sublimates the search for civilized values, intensifies the urge for refinement of tastes, promotes creativity and independence of thought, instills a sense of responsibility to society and leads to holistic development of our students.
It is our aim that all young adults passing out from our school be equipped to seek academic continuity in ranking institutions of higher education within the country and abroad. Our ambition is to enable our learners to discover their own talents and develop skills and confidence in their own abilities.
We believe in eliminating and rooting out rote learning. We cherish the promotion of pragmatic programs of professional pedagogy that encompasses the following elements:

  1. child-centered trained teaching faculty
  2. competitive co-curricular ambiance
  3. extra- curricular extravaganza
  4. activity oriented learning
  5. career counselling

Vision Statement
JDIHS is relentlessly committed to transforming its learners into erudite, competent and creative members of society who can take up the 21st century challenges efficiently.
Mission Statement
We are in an unyielding pursuit to set the benchmark for quality education; to align our academic system with changing educational needs of the globalized world; to create a holistic learning environment that fosters cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of learners; to disseminate, preserve, and
apply knowledge that is relevant and updated; and to enhance learners’ leadership skills so that they function as effective members of society.