It is our conviction that the first and foremost objective to establish the chain of Dastgir School branches is to produce such students who are imparted the best of the modern including religious teachings to inspire in them the spirit of patriotism and devotion for their mother land Talented and intelligent students are the richest assets of a nation and it is very vital to provide them all the best educational facilities. We believe that education is not an end but a means to an end. In other words we do not educate children only for the purpose of improving their qualifications. Our purpose is to make them fit for life. So it is very important to choose such a system of education which really prepares children for future challenges. We do not believe in mechanical education The school should not be a foundry and the object should be to give every pupil a chance to grow. The school should be a garden and educationist should therefore prepare the children for embellishing their individuality. Educationist caters to the need of personality grooming and we are proud to be educationists.


Ch. Muhammad Jameel


Salah ud Din Jameel

Vice Chairman

Allauddin Jameel

Vice Chairman